Monday, December 24, 2012

Brand Ambassador and Sponsorship Programs for Endurance Athletes

Updated 2019

I have collated a list of brands that have sponsorship or brand ambassador programs for triathletes and/or runners. The links go directly to the information page or application forms for these teams.

I have unscientifically rated the programs on a scale of value to athlete 1 (low value) to 5 (high value):
  • When I don't have inside access I am basing my assessment on website information. More details on the package gets a better rating. 
  • I rate programs which offer cash and event cost compensation as more valuable than product and exposure.
  • The resource is aimed at the competitive age grouper, not the professional athlete. 
I would appreciate knowing about any programs I've missed or inside information on any of these programs to enrich the database.

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