Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Five Alternative Hobbies For Americans That Won't Result in 10,000 Deaths A Year.

#1 - Cricket
The two main criticisms leveled at cricket is that it's boring and that the rules are complicated. Which is why I think Americans might take to it. Baseball is boring and I've watched hours of American football and still don't have the first clue on what's going on. So I think it could be a winner in the States. Just imagine the potential World Cup match ups. America vs. Pakistan anyone?

Now, I'll admit, there are some crazy people out there and getting hit by a cricket bat hurts. It's no fun getting hit in the nuts with a cricket ball either. Still, I'd feel much more secure with 300 million cricket bats in circulation than 300 million guns.

cricket 1

#2 - Foosball
Maybe you do have some foosball in America but I reckon it's tons more popular in Europe. Seems like every bar over there you can get some foosball action. No special laws, permits or regulations required. You can be as drunk as you like when playing foosball in a public place without being a danger to anyone.

015 - Foosball

#3 - Pétanque (Bocce Ball)
Again, huge in Europe. This could be a great alternative especially for the older generation. Similar to shooting it involves hitting targets. Yes, it uses very hard silver balls and I'm not saying you wouldn't need to be careful but if you stick to the rules and were standing BEHIND Dick Cheney when it was his turn to pitch it's a reasonably safe alternative.


#4 - Orienteering
Orienteering is great fun and a lot like hunting, really. You run around in the forest in the fresh air, heart beating and holding something in your hand. Actually a couple of things; a map and a compass. Orienteering requires skill, fitness and training. Doesn't seem to have really caught on here yet but I think it has great potential as an alternative. Hang some markers up, grab a compass, run around in the forest with your friends. Done. The extra exercise will also help the waistline thus curing two epidemics, obesity and gun violence, in one hit. Check out Orienteering USA.


#5 - Triathlon
This is meant to be a triathlon blog so I figured I'd throw that one in.

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