Saturday, November 3, 2012

Team TriSports

Updated: October 21, 2016 selects an Elite Team of about 30 top age group and professional triathletes. They also have an Ambassador program which has a cost of $300 attached to it.

What you get:
  • kit.
  • An initial allotment of store credit and travel/entry money.
  • Pro pricing and an Incentive Program in which you win credits to make purchases.
What you give:
  • There are a fairly long list of obligations listed including compulsory wearing of the kit, presence at certain races and a race volunteer requirement. Many of which result in the termination of contract if broken.
  • Detailed written application closes mid-October each year and the team is announced in November. Ambassador program closes November.
  • I like the complexity and thoroughness of the application. It's the best application form I've seen so far as it's very clear what is expected of you as a member of the team. I've information also that you can earn plenty as an age grouper (in the thousands of $) with a combination of store credit, race reimbursement and bonus dollars. You're allowed to sell the stuff too after a year. Being a triathlon store and the flexibility on the product you're able to buy with the credits this is from reports a generous and worthwhile program. Obviously the Elite team is a competitive program to get into. 
Rating: 4 (See other Ambassador Programs)
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