Thursday, October 23, 2008

Swim Stroke Analysis

Correcting swimming technique can be one of the best ways of improving your triathlon results and enjoying your sport more. You can swim faster with less effort and get out of the water fresher for the long part of the day. The best part is that swimming more efficiently doesn't require hours of pain; just some concentration, persistence and the right knowledge.

I will analyze your swimming stroke in-person or from video you upload or send me and proscribe drills specific to your weaknesses. Everyone has different challenges and I can identify them and provide you the specific tools to correct them yourself.

The Swim Stroke Analysis provides:

- A detailed report on your video, or in-person session, with analysis on where you could make improvements
- A selection of drills that you can do that will help correct the problems associated with your stroke
- Access to my demonstration video clips that will show you how to do the drills
- Two personalized swimming technique sessions that will incorporate the drills and other methods I use to improve swim stroke. These workouts will not be designed to be physically challenging but rather focused on maximizing the efficiency of your stroke.


$80.00 USD - In-person per 45 mins session (Scotts Valley, CA)
$60.00 USD - Send in video (worldwide)

* The Swim Stroke Analysis is FREE to athletes I coach on my Triathlon Coaching service.

Guidelines for making your video of send in option:

- Warm up for 10 minutes or so before taking the video
- Swim at the same speed you intend to race for your goal event.
- Have a friend film from various angles; front on, side on and, if you have access to a waterproof underwater camera, from underwater.
- Try and fill the swimmer with the entire frame of the video as much as possible.
- Include footage of an entire lap of swimming so I can asses your stroke count.
- Keep the video to under 2 minutes in length. You can use simple editing software such as Microsoft Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Mac.

After preparing the video you can either upload it to a video sharing site such as youtube or send me the video as an attachment to an email. For detailed instructions of how to upload a digital video to youtube click here.

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