Friday, February 10, 2017

The Triathlete's Guide to Anti-Trump Consuming

Triathletes buy a lot of stuff. Some triathletes don't like Trump. I'm not sure exactly of the statistics on that one but triathlons lend themselves to doing plenty of travel and an appreciation of different countries and cultures. Triathletes also enjoy a protected natural environment and clean air.

Here's a guide on products and brands you might want to support or avoid if you're not on the Trump train.


Under Armour

CEO is a real Trump fan! He has described Trump as "an asset to the country" and has even implied support for the wall. Under Armour makes shoes, running apparel and sports bras and have in the past made triathlon shorts. They are a major sponsor of Australian Ironman champ Chris McCormick.


A popular fitness tracking app (you might know it as MapMyRun or MapMy Ride) was acquired by Under Armour in 2013. You might want to delete your account and app and use the (also much better IMHO) Strava instead.

New Balance

You might train in New Balance shoes and wear their running shorts and socks. This one is a bit more of a grey area. New Balance started the controversy in November 2016 when they supported Trump's proposal to tear up the Trans Pacific Partnership (as they have U.S. based factories). It was taken by some as an endorsement of Trump and wasn't helped when a white supremacist website site voiced their support.


Often travelling to destination events far from home, travel is always a big expense for triathletes. Obviously you won't be staying in a Trump hotel but you also want to avoid his new cheaper option, Scion Hotels.

Amazon, Zappos

If you shop online for a pair of shoes or a GPS watch, you might want to avoid these two that still sell Ivanka and Trump products. 


Nordstrom Rack

You've probably heard of Trump and Kellyanne Conway calling out Nordstrom for dumping Ivanka Trump's clothing line. But wait, what has Nordstrom got to do with triathletes? I can attest personally to have bought quality brand name running shoes from there for a steal! I've also seen running shirts and shorts.

Athleta, Patagonia, REI, Arc'teryx

The #grabyourwallet campaign started this consumer resistance campaign and has been responsible for many companies pulling Trump related products off their shelves. 100% Trump free retailers, that carry brands and equipment popular with triathletes, are on that list. Patagonia and Arc'teryx have also been pushing back hard on Trump's anti-environment policies and both have some great trail running gear.

Update 2/10 - Skinfit CEO want you to know they are Trump safe to buy via this tweet .

Would love to hear from readers if you know of any tri related brands that have made a stand for or against Trump and I will update this blog.
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