Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NEW Bollé Aeromax Sunglasses Review - Then And Now

90s me in my beloved Tutti Frutti Bollés
Bollé sunglasses have been a part of triathlon scene forever. My first pair of cycling sunglasses were the Bollé Tutti Frutti. Everyone's idol at the time, 1994 World Ironman Champ, Greg Welch sported them. They had detachable temples, one of which wrapped around the ear completely.

Putting nostalgia aside and fast forward twenty years, and Bollé release their latest model, the simply named Aeromax.

Whether it's in fashion at the time or not I want a lens that covers the eye, protecting from sun and debris. The Aeromax delivers on that with great surface area.

Bollé Aeromax Matte Black
I also like the adjustable nose piece. By making it wider or narrower you're able to customize how close the lenses are to your face which is always a very personal preference.

The temple adjustment seems a little more gimmicky. Didn't find it gave me anymore grip or advantage compared to regular good-fitting sunglass arms.

Love the lens tint. My first trial was in very overcast conditions and they didn't block the light out enough for it to be a problem. I don't want to go switching lenses for different conditions and they have got the tint on these just right.

Check the product page for a full run down on the key technology features and colors available. The Aeromax retails at $145.

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