Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mako Goggles Review - Goblin Mirror Red

Disclaimer: provided a free pair by Mako.

These goggles are perfect. First the seal. I've tried everything from super cushy foam to swedish style hard plastic and the rims on the Mako Goblin Red Mirror (MSRP $28.00) strike the right balance with a firm but comfortable seal. The other feature I like about the goggle that I've hard problems with in the past is not enough clearance in front of the eyes which . These pop out enough to have that not be an issue and I doubt it hurts hydrodynamics enough.

The clear but mirrored tint of the goggles make it an effective goggle for overcast or bright conditions. The band is rounded but has a secure fit and is easy to adjust. My only criticism is the red tint make it hard to see the red hand on the timing clock at the pool!

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