Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why Is Bart Yasso Famous?

If you ask most people this question they will tell you "Yasso 800s". Turns out if you run 10 x 800m intervals your splits in minutes and seconds will be about what your marathon time is in hours and minutes. He thought of that...
The Obligatory Yasso Selfie. Source: Twitter
So, why is Bart Yasso famous? He's kinda old now so must have been some athlete in his hey day. Well, he won the Smoky Mountain marathon in 1998. That's right *the* Smoky Mountain marathon. And he was U.S. Biathlon Long Distance champion in 1987. Which is either shooting and running or cycling and running*. In any case I'm sure you all have your DVRs set to the next Biathlon Long Distance Championships.

So, maybe not athlete. How about coach? What with the workout and numerous published training schedules. He helped ______ to numerous victories and pulled _______ from obscurity to become one of the world's best.

I met Bart once (who hasn't) and he seemed like a lovely bloke to me. Friendly, humble and generous. He has a job which basically allows him to cruise around the world and do run races. Jealous? Yes, I am. Famous? Why not I guess.

*I did some research. According to wikipedia Biathlon is shooting and cross country skiing. No running involved.
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