Sunday, September 29, 2013

Myothon Amino Acid Pseudoscience Vs. Eggs

I received an email from Vitality Sciences "because you are one of the top triathlete coaches in California". Way to get my attention! Anyways, they are selling some amino acid supplement crap and for fun I told them to send me a sample and they did. I was excited because no-one ever sends me samples because usually they read my product reviews first. Here I was thinking they were all clever from their very astute opening statement.

So the pill (although nothing can be confirmed by the FDA because presumably they have better things to do) contains essential amino acids (EEAs). The funny thing is it only lists 8 of the 9 considered essential. Essential just means you have to get them from food and the body doesn't produce them. Poor old Histidine got the boot for some reason.

Lots of things contain all the EEAs eggs, meat etc. etc. and even if you're vegetarian and eat a variety of foods you'll probably hit them all.

They make a big deal about them absorbing rapidly (into what I'm not sure?). They demonstrate this using this wonderful graph that is neither to scale nor like any graph I've seen before.
Amazing Upsidedown L-graph

Anyways, I'm comfortable with my protein being broken down and absorbed in a way that's been developed by my body over thousands years in a process called evolution. My athletes lives are stressful enough without their amino acid absorption processes being sped up. So I threw the $45 container of pills down the toilet in support of Histidine, the EEA that Myothon rejected, and thought about how much better the three eggs I had this morning tasted than those nasty pills smelled.

Oh, if you think I'm just being mean here's a video of the hoaxsters that should convince you. I was LOLing.
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