Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swimming with a broken collarbone

An athlete I know broke her collarbone a few weeks ago, 9 weeks before an Ironman. She educated me on some of the things you can do in the water without a fully functioning clavicle.

To be honest these drills won't have a great impact in getting you much faster before the race but it must be psychologically satisfying to get in the water and do some laps.

Front Sculling and Underwater Recovery:

Both techniques I give to my athletes to improve the catch phase of the freestyle stroke:

One Arm Freestyle (with the injured arm by the side):

Kick and Body Position Drills:

While the gains in fitness might be limited you can definitely, with a bit of persistence, maintain and even improve your feel of the water with these drills.

Let me know your experience if you've ever had a broken collar bone.

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