Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oakland Half Marathon 2012 Results

John Savage completed his first half marathon this morning off a full week's training. Here is his race report. He is a certefied (?!) dominator.

"Shouldn't have gone out the night before. Ate a burger, ice cream and a beer. Nothing major/out of the ordinary, but my stomach blew up this morning. Like major blow up. A little dehydrated at race start. Got there about an hour before the race, and legs hurt from yesterday. Went for a quick shake out, ate a gel, and then got in the corral. Got in the 7 minute pace group, near the back. Was hoping to be under 1:30. First 6 miles were good. I let people go by me, and slowly picked them off. Probably a bad idea, but good for me mentally. First 6 miles-38:30. And then cramp. I had been pulling back groups, and I had caught a guy and was running with him for a mile, when I had to slow. Slowed for the next mile and a half to about 7min pace. Loosened up with water, a gel and a bite of banana. No one passed me, but the guy I had been running with, and a couple from a group that I was working on catching were still ahead. I dug in at mile 8 to get back to pace. At mile 10, I was a little under 1:05. And then my ankle turns on the shitty streets of Oakland. I freak out for a minute, and then realize that you need to keep a shoe on until you can get ice on it, so why not run until you can't. After about 200 yards I realize that I am going to be able to finish, and despite not being under my ultimate goal time (I would like to be under 1:20, just FYI). I can still try to pull as many people back as I can. In between miles 10-11, I catch the guy that I had been running with. At mile 12, only two left from the original group that I had wanted to catch. Final straight, last person caught. Stopped my watch at 1:24:24. Last three miles pace-about 6:20. Afterwards, ankle hurt. Hip hurt a little. Pretty OK with the time, considering I rode reasonably hard yesterday and its my first half not in a race."
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