Friday, March 29, 2013

Core Power and an Ironman Champ vs. this piece of chicken

Cooooore Powerrrrr is packed full of protein. You need protein after a workout to recover properly. That's why Craig "Crowie" Alexander drinks it (when you're looking) and he is a three-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. The sucky thing is, if you drink Core Power, you don't automatically become Craig Alexander. That's because he does 30+ hours training a week and, well, who has the time and motivation for that?

Anyways, enough about exercise, this is about recovery and you can recover just like Craig Alexander with Core Power. It has 26g of protein. So, as it happens, does 4oz of chicken breast. 4oz of chicken covers about the size of the palm of your hand.

Let's compare:

Chicken has chicken in it (boring) so let's move to the ingredients of Core Power. Core Power is basically milk and sugar and some synthetic compounds. Not sure where the extra protein comes from because I can't see anything in the ingredient list that could contribute to extra protein compared to regular milk. Any ideas readers? Core Power also brags about having Vitamin D which you can get by going outside.

Carrageenan is an interesting one. Researchers have reliably linked dietary carrageenan to harmful inflammation. Read the latest full independent report. The body is already inflammed after exercise and I'm thinking the fact "Carrageenan so reliably causes inflammation that scientists actually use it to induce inflammation in biological experiments" would not be so super.

Core Power costs about $3 a bottle and that tiny amount of organic chicken would cost about $1.50.

So I'm going to side with the chicken but facing off against Crowie and these dominators is tough.

If you wish to support the fight for chicken to become a sports recovery beverage, please buy a chicken coop...

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