Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Higi (formerly Earndit) Review

Updated October 21, 2016
I write this blog slightly euphoric from finally winning a prize on earndit. After a few months on the platform I managed to win a $25 Amazon gift card. As good as cash to me.

Now, the fault of waiting so long to win is not all down to luck or the lack of generosity of the website. Of the 21 previous challenges I entered I didn't always exercise enough to meet the prize threshold. To be eligible you have to make a certain amount of points. It might be 150, for example, to be in the draw for the free prizes and 360 to be eligible for the main prize. 360 equates to roughly about 6 hours of training and you are allowed a maximum of 60 points daily.  I like this points system as it sets it apart from a sweepstake type competition. You truly do have to earn it.
The email informing me of my win!
Most of the training apps and websites I've reviewed so far are based on community and the analysis of your workouts. Higi puts the rewards front and center and is not in itself an training app. However, it integrates with other training apps and devices I've written about previously. The great beauty for me, as a Garmin watch and Strava user, is that your workouts are pulled in AUTOMATICALLY. No need to upload your activities each time you're on the site. You just synch your Garmin Connect account or other GPS device or fitness tracking website and check out your points whenever you log-in. Logging in is also made easy with a Facebook log-in integration.

You can also redeem the points you accumulate immediately for discounts off sponsor products. Personally this is not too much of a draw for me. I usually buy entries to the free giveaways with my leftover points.

So I'm sticking with Higi because of the potential to win free stuff and ease of use to maintain. Try it out for yourself.
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