Friday, November 30, 2012

Runtastic Website Review

Again, I'm using a Garmin watch to upload my workouts so this is not a review of the mobile app. Which leads me to my first problem. All my workouts were uploaded by the Runtastic website as runs. This means I'd have to manually change each of the cycling and swimming workouts I had uploaded. This would be a pain to do each time and there doesn't appear to be any easy way to edit them without going into each workout.

The interface however is very simple, clean and easy to navigate. Second only to Strava with the graphs and analysis layout. However, I'm on a trial of the premium verion (7 days) so the free version mightn't offer everything I'm getting. Clever of them to give a free trial of the premium version up front. I'll know what I'm missing once the trial is over

Looks like they're an Austrian company but the website is well localized except for the store which is still in German. I like the international thing but didn't find many of my Facebook friends using it when I did a search.
Runtastic Homepage

A unique touch to the site is a ticker on the right of the home page which shows people who are actually working out and you can give them live encouragement by cheering them on. Doesn't look like there are any challenges set-up which is a major drawback for me. They are a nice way to bond an online community. Overall a clean, user friendly, ad free way to view and analyze your training but lacks some features which could engage a community.

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