Thursday, November 22, 2012

Endomondo Training App Review

Updated 12/07/2012

Endomondo is another training/reward/social app. I believe it originates from Scandanavia which gives it an international flavour. No worries uploading workouts from my Garmin device and they recently made a much needed update to the user interface although their home page remains cluttered.

The somewhat cluttered Endomondo home page
Nothing as pretty as Strava but alot nicer than it was. The Challenges are sponsored by well known endurance brands, currently yurbuds and leftlane and the prizes are awarded randomly from all entrants but weighted on the amount of miles or minutes put in. This seems like a fair and fun way to do things but the challenge that I'm entered in currently has 5 x $50 vouchers up for grabs and literally thousands of entrants so the odds don't seem great compared to a reward site like Earndit.

Training Stats provides by Endomondo

The Training stats are nice but the other tabs, Routes and Events, I find are a bit useless unless there's some organization around it. A collection of events on a calendar is really not going to help anyone unless it is comprehensive and filterable. And routes is simply all the routes anyone on Endomondo has uploaded. What would be useful is some sort of rating system of the routes so you could find the best ones in your local area.

Not my absolute favorite yet but I'm going to hang around and keep an eye on their evolution. I like that it attracts an international membership and the challenges have potential. Here's my Endomondo profile.
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