Saturday, October 27, 2012

Team Aquaphor

Team Aquaphor consists of 200 endurance athletes and the team is managed through the Active Ambassador network. For a detailed outline of what was expected in 2012 click the Ambassador Manual.

What you get:
  • 500 samples to distribute
  • Running and Triathlon Kit
  • Opportunity to win some cash prizes during team challenges

What they expect you to do:

A lot! As you can see from the manual the obligations are many and have to be well documented. They include:
  • 4 races in the gear
  • Distribution of 500 samples 
  • Writing of race reports and social media participation.

Application Process:

You submit a general application through the Active Ambassadors network and you're contacted from there.


From the inside information I have it is a little disorganized. Kits arrived halfway through the season and samples were late also which made distribution difficult. The social interactions seem lively and has a huge network of course but I'm unsure what actual value there is here for the serious athlete.

If you've had experience on this team please leave a comment and I will update the review based on feedback.
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