Friday, July 15, 2011

ASEA - How To Identify A Nutritional Scam

I received an email yesterday on the latest wonder product which will increase my endurance by 10-12% and help me recover in half the time!

Here's my one minute bullsh*t test for any nutritional product you might hear about so you can get on with your day and concentrate your time and money on what will really help you go faster. Hiring me as your coach. LOL.

1. Was the research on the product sourced from a Scientific Journal? You should be able to scroll to the bottom of the article and see numbered references to publications supporting the claims. Names like Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, The American Journal of Sports Medicine etc.

2. Testimonials are worthless. Endurance athletes are poorly paid and who can blame them for putting their name to anything if it's worth a few bucks. It's an extra warning sign if you've never heard of any of them (see video). Shame on the coaches who appeared in this.

3. With the rate at which information is shared in this day and age don't you think you would've heard about it already? If the first I'm hearing about it is from a personal email farmed off my website there's something fishy going on. Subscribe to a couple of reputable websites and blogs like the Sports Scientists and The New York Times Well Blog and I promise you won't miss out on the latest silver bullet (if it ever materializes)

In the meantime. Go out and get some exercise. It may increase your endurance by 10-12%...
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