Monday, July 4, 2011

The 90s Diet - Cottage Cheese

The 90s Diet is an anti-revolutionary new diet developed by Australian triathlon coach, Martin Spierings and Canadian professor and former Olympic hopeful, Matt Taddy. It is based on the assumption that ALL current diets are fads and pretty soon we'll be back to eating what was cool in the 90s. This blog will release some of the diet's foundations as a teaser for the book, which will be available on and as an e-book in early 2012.

Cheese was largely demonized in the 90s due to its high fat content with one exception. Cottage cheese. Which, let's face it, doesn't much taste like cheese anyways. Cottage cheese does, however, taste lovely with fresh fruit. It was also consumed on crackers, particularly the brand Ryvita, which was known as a particularly healthy type of cracker you didn't need to feel to guilty about eating. Dave Scott, 8-time Ironman champion, reportedly rinsed his cottage cheese to remove the excess fat.

Cottage Cheese. Popular with elite athletes in the 90s.

What do you think of cottage cheese? Do you have any other foods that helped you dominate in the 90s before you got slow, fat, old and injured?

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