Monday, June 13, 2011

Cycling in Chicago - Lake Shore Drive Review

Took my first Windy City expedition on the 20 mile stretch of bike path along the lake known as the Lake Shore Drive bike path. I anticipated it would be a casual ride, as most bike path rides are forced to be, and I made sure I got out nice and early at 7:00am. I was surprised that there are actually a few sections that you can put some effort out, especially if you have the wind in your face, which I did going in the northerly direction. Mostly runners are pretty good at staying to the right at that time of morning but is definitely already busy especially the Northern section. So it seems like it’s best to hit that section first and leave the South for the last half. I saw a dozen or so, presumably triathletes, who were brave enough to get on their aero bars. Anyways, it was a fun ride for someone who hadn’t ridden much and there weren’t as many major road crossing as I’d expected. If you can get out early it looks a good option for an early morning recovery ride or a change of pace from the road madness. Be interested to know how the local triathletes use this stretch.

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