Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon Race Results 2010 Conspiracy

I wonder whether they do it on purpose? Nowhere on the official website does it show where or when the results for the 2010 Women's marathon would appear. Most event websites have a results tab. Here, nothing. Just a series of blogs with information about the event.

Maybe by looking for the results you do a whole lot of clicking before you give up and start looking at their ads? Who knows...

The 2009 results are also nowhere to be found either on the main site although I did find them on the eternal timing site. Maybe they'll turn up there eventually...

I was able to find this article on the San Francisco Chronicle website that the winner, Leah Thorvilson, ran 2:46. At least the finishing time was decent this year.

Update (8:30pm): here is a direct link to the timing companies results for the event. Not live as yet.
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