Thursday, January 8, 2009

New York Starbucks keeping you lean

In a recent trip to New York I was surprised to see the calories of each item written up against the prices in the stores. I learned later that it was something recently mandated by the mayor that all chain stores must disclose the calories contained on each of the items on their menus. A brilliant resource for busy snacking athletes. I'm sure it will have a two pronged positive effect of both making the individual aware of the energy content of the foods they eat as well as forcing companies to provide healthier options as demand for the high energy / low nutrition product drops. Check this article in the New York Times about some of the confusion it's caused

As we all know from watching Biggest Loser, dropping weight is hard, tear shedding work. Even with a regular exercise routine, this age of abundance, cheap food and convenience can make it easy to gain weight. And despite what the food/pill industry might sometimes want us to believe there is very little evidence to suggest that anything other than a positive energy balance (that means consuming more calories than you expend) has any effect on weight gain. So being knowledgeable on calorie intake is an important step to weight control and I only see positives for implementing calorie disclosure nationwide.

So if you are over your optimal weight after the holidays, New York Starbucks will help make the choice between the croissant and the oatmeal very easy! Damn them...
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