Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Kahuna Half Ironman Race Report

Finally put together a half Ironman I was happy with given my level of training. Started in the second wave start. The buoys were few and far between so was glad to have some local knowledge to guide me. I think I was second in my age group out of the water and paced myself well on the bike. Drank probably 3 bottles of sports drink and washed down a half a Powerbar at 15 and 35 miles. Perhaps a little too hydrated as there was a couple moments of freewheeling during the 56 miles. I started pretty cautiously and got through the difficult, hot part on the Wilder bike path before really starting to push the last 4 miles once I got back near the coast. Took 2 Espresso GU gels, one at 3 and one at 7 miles. Along with the supplied energy drink at the aid stations seemed to get me to the end and not far off a negative split. I was able to walk around after the event and not spend an hour coughing in the fetal position which is frequently how I've ended up after a long distance tri. So that was nice. 20th Overall. Results here and local press article here.
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