Monday, June 16, 2008

athlete news - mermaid and showdown

tricoachmartin athlete Rohanna finished 7th out of 300 ladies at the Mermaid Fremont Triathlon held on June 14th in California. Congrats! Rohanna is an amazingly determined athlete. The mum of two often trains with her kids in the stroller or bike trailer to get here weekly mileage in and I've never heard her whine about it. She was disappointed about her swim having "freaked out" in the open water. It's hard to simulate the group start of a triathlon apart from actually competing in them but we will plan a few more open water swims before the next race. Nothing beats race experience especially in the swim.

The weekend before Kristen knocked 5 minutes off her time from last year at the Showdown at Sundown Sprint triathlon in San Rafael, California on June 7th. She had a great swim getting out of the water 2nd woman overall. It was a good study of the time lag for potential in the pool converting to a good open water swim. With race experience she had the confidence seed herself better at the start, push herself without fear of being exhausted on the bike and navigate in the bunch and around the buoys.

I finished the race 2nd overall and was pretty happy despite not going close to the time I did last year but I think it was a harder race with more current on the swim and warmer conditions.
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