Friday, January 13, 2017

Race Ratings - Woodside 50K 2017 - Woodside, CA

Seasoned ultra-runner Adam Blum reviews the Woodside 50K. An early season hit out for him. He placed 3rd of the 50+ age group despite a wrong turn. Results.
Photo Credit: Chasqui Runner
Woodside 50K - Woodside, CA. January 1, 2017 (reviewer: Adam Blum)

Overall - ★★★★☆
A true Bay area classic and one which I have run various distances on over the past 13 years.

Registration - ★★★★★
$80. Keeps it under my rule of thumb of no more than $3 per mile.  It's also on UltraSignup.  Doesn’t get much easier.

Swag - ★★★★☆
Nice ceramic coaster for finishing the ultra. Really nice tech T-shirt.  Upgrade over old PCTR shirt.

Course - ★★★★☆
Huddart and Wunderlich Parks are amazingly beautiful and lush.The course is however quite a bit short. Friends finished in under 29 miles.  I did over 50K for at least a couple extra miles. Although I have done this race several times I still missed the last turn to the finish as the turn ribbon was obscured by a car. The guy in front of me (I was chasing down the #2 50+ guy) said at the end that he almost missed the turn but his spectating girlfriend directed him the right way.

Post-Race Feed - ★★★★★
Sliders and soup bar.  Beer. Doesn’t really get much better. Way to go RD. Maybe some craft brews next time? But that’s really quibbling.

Prizes / Results - ★★★★☆
Bottle opener for placing third in age group. Nice. Results were online after a day.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bollé The One Premium Helmet

Guess what? Bollé, renowed sunglasses manufacturer, turns out helmets too. Makes sense. In the case of many time trial helmets now sunglasses are integrated completely.

The first noticeable thing is the lack of vents. Until you realize the two panels easily detach and it becomes a fully ventilated helmet. That's not the only interesting knick-knack. There's an inner winter shell, and detachable safety light and a mountain bike visor.

Other than that it didn't seem more or less comfortable or aerodynamic than others I've tried but thanks to the add-on it's a winner for versatility. MSRP $169.99.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

TriLog Triathlon Training Diary 2017 Now Available

For years my athletes have received their training plans and tracked their workouts using the TriLog. It provides an easy-to-use weekly overview of your training allowing you to input swim, bike, run distances and times. Sharing it with your coach, you can give further detail on your training, physical and mental health so they can better understand your fitness.

See this video to explore all the features.

To be sent a free download subscribe below and you'll be sent a link in the confirmation email to TriLog which you can then copy and personalize as your own.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NEW Bollé Aeromax Sunglasses Review - Then And Now

90s me in my beloved Tutti Frutti Bollés
Bollé sunglasses have been a part of triathlon scene forever. My first pair of cycling sunglasses were the Bollé Tutti Frutti. Everyone's idol at the time, 1994 World Ironman Champ, Greg Welch sported them. They had detachable temples, one of which wrapped around the ear completely.

Putting nostalgia aside and fast forward twenty years, and Bollé release their latest model, the simply named Aeromax.

Whether it's in fashion at the time or not I want a lens that covers the eye, protecting from sun and debris. The Aeromax delivers on that with great surface area.

Bollé Aeromax Matte Black
I also like the adjustable nose piece. By making it wider or narrower you're able to customize how close the lenses are to your face which is always a very personal preference.

The temple adjustment seems a little more gimmicky. Didn't find it gave me anymore grip or advantage compared to regular good-fitting sunglass arms.

Love the lens tint. My first trial was in very overcast conditions and they didn't block the light out enough for it to be a problem. I don't want to go switching lenses for different conditions and they have got the tint on these just right.

Check the product page for a full run down on the key technology features and colors available. The Aeromax retails at $145.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Runfie Stick

The Runfie Stick solves a complex problem for the modern runner. How do I draw as much attention to myself and the event I'm doing without having to wait until the finish line or rely on friends or family? Enter Martin Spierings, long time runner, coach and Silicon Valley entrepreneur.
Runfie Stick
Athletes test early prototypes of the Runfie Stick

"Being Australian, I felt a bond with the 'selfie' phenomenon which originated in Australia" he said.

Spierings saw opportunity in the new breed of runners, an annoying bunch of narcissists who are more about self-promotion than self-improvement and who feel the need to further aggrandize themselves in real time by taking Runfies. After working on a prototype of the stick, which retracts into a small cylinder, he approached FuelBelt.

"FuelBelt was the perfect company at the perfect time to provide a transport solution for the Runfie Stick. They figured eventually runners will realize that it's useless to carry around your own own stupid little bottles when most races will hand you drinks every mile or so. So they were happy to develop an attachment for my device", explained Spierings.

The Runfie Stick is fully connected with all the major social media sites and GPS sharing apps. You can even pre-load hashtags and descriptions, if you had any self-respect left, and wanted to avoid stopping at the side of the road to type your update.

If development goes according to plan you should be able to get a Runfie Stick at a Rock 'n Roll Marathon Expo by early 2017. The only color available will be match your compression socks.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Should Fog Cancel A Triathlon Swim?

Seems like Ironman are very quick to pull the plug on the swim when conditions get tricky. Athlete safety is often cited as the concern. Although it seems hundreds of often moderately trained athletes cycling and running for over 12 hours in 100 degree heat doesn't classify as an athlete safety risk. There are inherent risks in the sport and changing environmental conditions is part of the sport's appeal. Are organizers doing enough to save the swim when things get tricky?

The Ironman 70.3 Austin swim was cancelled this morning because of fog and in an instant the hours of swim training and preparations of triathletes competing were for naught. 

A video posted by Sean B. Garick (@push_ur_limits) on

Moments before the eventually cancelled swim leg at Austin 70.3

These events aren't cheap so perhaps resources could be allocated to solutions. How about a line a kayaks equipped with flares every 100 yards? Could a fog horn be employed to guide wayward swimmers? Doesn't sound impossible. There are a mass of people. If the leaders are properly led and surrounded with some extra sighting support we should be able to get athletes from A to B.

Agreed, it's not ideal but were triathlons meant to be easy? For once, strong swimmers would have some difficulties to be able to distinguish themselves. And, really, what's the worse that can happen? Some athletes take a wrong turn and wash up on the shore. Is there actually a "threat" especially in a closed water environment of someone swimming to China? Triathletes should take some time to properly prepare in a variety of open water conditions and organizers should honor that work by holding the event whenever it's possible.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Exercises In A Lower Limb Splint

Posterior Lower Leg Splint and Dumbbells!

I recently had achilles tendon surgery which put me in a lower limb splint for two weeks. I put together a triathlon specific strength workout that can be completed at home with just a bench and a set of dumbbells. None of the exercises will put any pressure on your foot that could slow the healing.

Sit Ups

Modified Push Ups

Alternate Leg and Arm Raises

Dumbbell Press

Bent-Over Row

may need to modify so both knees are up on the bench if having leg down causes too much pressure

Triceps Dumbbell Extensions

Bicep Curls

These can be done sitting

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

I did these on a flatter incline so I didn't have to support with my legs